Breaking: Ese Oruru, abductor flown to Abuja


Police spokesman, Rabilu Ringim told Vanguard on telephone that the duo were taken to the Inspector General of Police, who will handover the 14 years old girl to her family. Ese Rabilu said “the girl and the boy have been flown to Abuja headquarters of the Nigeria Police for proper handing over to her parents”. The spokesman was however silent on the fate of Yunusa, the alleged abductor , who was flown to Abuja with Ese. I’m grateful—FATHER The girl’s father, Mr. Charles Oruru, who spoke to Vanguard in Yenagoa, yesterday said: “Without the support of the media and civil society groups, there is nothing I could have done. Left to the police, the matter would have died a natural death and  she would have been lost in Kano. We are praying for her return so that we can all celebrate. “If they bring my daughter back successfully, I will be very happy. I am like a fish out of water. I have not been myself since she was forcibly taken away from us. “Whenever I think of her, I shed tears. She is only a minor. She was taken away when she  was 13 years old, but she is now 14. I do not have many children and the few I have, I make sure I take good care of them because I know they will be great in future.”

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