BREAKING: APC’s Abubakar Audu returns as Kogi Governor


The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Abubakar Audu, has emerged winner of the Kogi State Governorship election held on Saturday.

With results from the state’s 21 local governments now counted, Mr. Audu garnered 231, 863 votes as against the 199, 514 votes scored by his closest challenger, Ibrahim Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The APC  candidate defeated the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate and incumbent governor, Mr. Wada, in 16 of the 21 local government areas in the state.

Mr. Audu has 32,349 more votes than Mr. Wada.

The local governments won by Audu are Ofu, Ida, Kabba Bunu, Yagba East, Yagba West, Adavi, Koton Karfi, Ankpa, Okehi, Ajaokuta, Ijumun, Olamaboro, Igalamela, Bassa, Lokoja, and Ibaji.

The PDP was victorious in five local governments namely Ogori Mangogo, Omala, Okene, Dekina  and Mopa-moro local governments.

Details shortly….

The stage is set for collation of results from the 21 local government areas at the INEC headquarters in Lokoja.

The REC, Haliru Kpai, said no LGA had so far returned results.

The electoral body had, last night, shifted the collation exercise to this morning, as results did not trickle in from the Local Government Areas yesterday.

At the moment, at least results from 14 LGAs have arrived Lokoja.

The collation Officers are already seated in the conference hall preparing to commence announcements of results.

Follow our live blog of the announcements here.

Live Blog


Ibaji LGA

Registered voters 66,563

Accredited voters 24,817

APC 11,427

PDP 10,572


Dekina LGA

12 wards

Registered voters 141,963

Accredited voters 52,344

APC 20,994

PDP 21,602

In Dekina LGA  election was cancelled in several polling units, affecting 17,954 registered voters. The Collation Officer cited violence and dearth sufficient security personnel as grounds for the cancellations.

Dekina LGA is Governor Idris Wada’s (PDP candidate) home town.


Lokoja LGA

10 wards

Registered voters 114,139

Accredited voters 30,756

APC 13,517

PDP 12,414


Bassa LGA

10 wards

Registered voters 51,526

Accredited voters 24,663

APC 11,815

PDP 9,258

Election cancelled in two units for over voting and card reader malfunctioning.


Igala-Mela LGA

10 wards

Registered voters 54,266

Accredited voters 20,953

APC 9,003

PDP 8,683

Election was canceled in three units across two wards.


Olamaboro LGA

10 wards

Registered voters 71,756

Accredited voters 24,429

APC 13,227

PDP 8,202

In Olamaboro LGA, four polling units were cancelled, affecting 2046 voters. In of the units at Olamaboro 2, the Collation Officer said “some individuals came in the name of party agents but overpowered the polling officers and started voting for those on the queue.”


Ankpa LGA

13 wards

Registered voters 119,556

Accredited voters 45,967

APC 22,983

PDP 14,731



11 wards and 129 PUs

Registered voters 76,936

Accredited voters 32,311

APC 16,808

PDP 10,997


Omala LGA

11 wards

Registered voters 53,510

Accredited voters 22,545

APC 9,228

PDP 10,517

Due to snatching of ballot papers, card readers and other materials, six polling units were canceled in Omala LGA. The cancellations affected 2526 voters.


Kabba Bunu LGA

Registered voters 60,522

Accredited voters 19,620

APC 9,659

PDP 7,768


The REC just declared a 30 minutes’ break. The collation exercise resumes at 11.00 a.m.

Results from 11 LGAs have so far been announced. APC is maintaining clear lead, having won in eight of the 11 LGAs whose results had been collated. See chart above fore how the parties stack.


In Yagba East, Ogele 05 polling unit was canceled after hoodlums attacked polling officers and destroyed the polling the booth, the Collation Officer has said.


Idah LGA

10 wards

Registered voters 48,762

Accredited voters 21471

APC 11,779

PDP 6,952


Yagba East

10 wards

Registered voters 35,322

Accredited voters 13,921

APC 7,129

PDP 5,368


Yagba West

14 wards

Registered voters 35,966

Accredited voters 15,902

APC 7,930

PDP 7,021


Okene LGA

11 wards and 266 PUs

Registered voters 117,132

Accredited voters 33,703

APC 14,786

LP 141

PDP 15,968


Ijumu LGA

15 wards and 79 PUs.

Registered voters 46,819

Accredited voters 18,199

APC 9,958

LP 25

PDP 6,040


Kogi-Kotonkarfe LGA

11 wards and 67 PUs

Registered voters 45,817

Accredited voters 21,834

PDP  9,316

LP 10

APC 10,426


Adavi LGA

11 Wards and 191 Polling Units

Registered voters 85,127

Accredited voters 30,993

APC 15,636

LP 1318

PDP 11,902


Ajaokuta LGA

Registered voters 52,441

Accredited voters 17,466

APC 8,581

PDP 6,903

LP 550

In Ajaokuta LGA, three polling units were canceled because of violence. The PUs are Ibiya South, Ituwa Opaja and Agbamila Ogodo.


Mopa/Moro LGA

Registered voters – 18,348. Accredited voters – 8,859

APC 3,888

LP 10

PDP 4,195


Ogori-Magongo LGA

Registered voters 14,387

Accredited voters 4,820

APC 1,931

PDP 2,601

No case of cancellation, the Collation Officer said.


Following the disclosure of the Collation Officer for Okehi LGA that one polling unit was canceled for over voting, the PDP agent, Mr. Adaga said he would be interested in the number of the registered voters.

In response, the Collation gave 403 as the number of registered voters.


Okehi Local Government

APC  10,170 PDP  8504


Finally, collation of results is about to begin. The Returning Officer, host Resident Electoral Commissioner, three National Commissioners and six other RECs are seated.

Results from Okehi LGA will be taken first. Mopa/Moro will follow.

Meanwhile, a PDP agent created a scene as he refused to leave the hall even though he had no accreditation letter.

He said he was there on the instruction of the Governor, Idris Wada.


While INEC says it can only accommodate one agent per political party in the hall where election results would be announced, PDP has four agents. The four PDP agents have taken attendance. But INEC has asked them to present one agent.


Scuffle Over APC Agent

A gorgeously dressed woman walks into the collation center citing an authority from the APC governorship candidate, Abubakar Audu, to act act as his agent at the center.

This created a little upset, as one person had been registered as the party’s agent.

INEC announced that the parties should sort themselves out and ensure only one agent is produced for the exercise.


“We now have 16 results,” the INEC official, anchoring the collation exercise, just announced,

This implies results of 16 LGAs have been processed at the Commission’s ICT.

Tally of the results is expected to commence soon.


Collation of results has commenced. Collation Officers from 18 LGAs are ready to present with their results.

INEC officials have called the Collation Officers according to LGAs’ to enter results into the Commission’s database.

Agents of political parties are now taking attendance.

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