Boko Haram Releases First Beheading Video After Pledging Allegiance to ISIS


Nigeria- Boko Haram has released its first beheading video since pledging allegiance to ISIS.

The video adopts many of the same style-points as the hundreds of barbaric videos released by ISIS over the last year.

The ‘west Africa’ insignia in the top-left corner suggests the terror group has set up a new so-called media wing.

boko haram beheads.jpg

The ten minute-long propaganda video begins with what appears to be an intense firefight against Nigerian soldiers and ended with the senseless murder of a captured African Union soldier.

With a look of true horror on his face, the man kneels in front of three masked Boko Haram fanatics – two of whom point AK47s at his head.

The video then cuts to reveal his decapitated body lying motionless on the floor.

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