Boko Haram: FG Warns Bishop Of Sokoto Diocese Kukah

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has warned Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Diocese to stop dividing Nigerians along religious lines.

We learned that Mohammed was reacting to Bishop Kukah’s claims that the Federal Government and Boko Haram are fanning the Islamization of Nigeria.

“The only difference between the government and Boko Haram is (that) Boko Haram is holding a bomb,” the cleric had said.

“They are using the levers of power to secure the supremacy of Islam, which then gives more weight to the idea that it can be achieved by violence. With the situation in Nigeria, it is hard to see the moral basis they have to defeat Boko Haram. They have created the conditions to make it possible for Boko Haram to behave the way they are behaving.”

But the Minister said on Friday that Kukah’s comment was a great disservice to Nigeria, adding that Boko does not follow any religious tenet “but are driven by their primitive propensity to kill mindlessly and destroy without restraint, irrespective of their victims’ creed, gender or tribe.”

”To now attribute the actions of these mad bunch to an orchestrated and systematic plan to elevate one religion over the other or decimate adherents of a particular religion is not only unfortunate but divisive, incendiary and insensitive.”

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