Bimbo Queens Cries For Regulations

Afro Pop singer turn model cried out to authorities and sympathizes with the families who lost their loved ones in the recent happenings.
In her statement ” Though accidents happens but yet can be averted, if proper checks are put in place all that happened ranging from the Ethiopian Airline to the collapsed buildings on the Island and the explosion of the kerosene tanker that claimed so many lives”
She cried that authorities in charge should please put in check the activities of every sectors that are involved in activities that affects human lives directly.
According to her Nigeria is my beloved country despite studying abroad I have the dream of coming back home to do a lot for my people. But if everyone dies who are we going to impact in or who will the government govern? For years we have been fighting the insurgents and now losing lives of future leaders and prospective world class business men and women.
Let’s all come together and put things in place, Nigeria is a great nation let’s build on it and make things better.

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