BBNaija: Nengi And Lucy Fights Dirty After The Live


Shortly after the eviction show tonight, Lucy and Nengi got into a heated argument which led to a serious gbas gbos of insults between the two of them. Get your popcorn for this tea cause this fight was juicy.

Due to the advert and the camera we couldn’t see the origin of this fight but from Lucy’s explanation she said that she went to the toilet to ease herself and was lamenting to herself when Nengi walked in and said “I hope you are not talking to me”

Lucy got upset and told Nengi that if she had anything to say she would say it in her front. Nengi got offended and started shouting at Lucy, called Lucy a useless person, an amoeba and an old woman. Lucy called her a small girl and said she’s not fine that’s she is just light-skinned and nothing more, that Nengi was always following men while she was in school that they should bring result so we should see, that she knows how to make a presentation with a Powerpoint and she’s sure Nengi doesn’t even know what that is.

Lucy said that Nengi is Following all the guys in the house. That Nengi told her that she has a boyfriend outside the house. So why is she always carrying her bombom around the house enticing the guys? That if someone is not holding her hand another person is holding her waist (lol)

When Ozo came to talk to Lucy she told him that he should leave Nengi that she has a boyfriend, that Nengi is only using him, she kept on talking on and on and when Ozo was about to talk she told him to walk out with Ozo did.

Well, Lucy won this fight and had a lot of twitter supporters, some claimed she was stating facts but we don’t know that.


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