AY Makun reveals why he doesn’t converse with colleague, Basketmouth


AY Makun, a Nigerian comedian and actor, has revealed why he and his colleague Basketmouth don’t communicate.

Basketmouth revealed media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the Black Box show in August 2021 that he had a falling out with AY because the comic tampered with loyalty.

He said;

I’d have stayed where the competition is. I still do standup comedy but not with great energy because I’m targeting all-around entertainment now. My competition is me. There’s nothing [like a feud] between AY and I.

“He came in my space; messed with loyalty by saying something to my lawyer Magnus that I told him in private. It was nothing but it was enough to cause a rift and have me put up the walls. We made peace and he apologised. I have no single problem with AY as claimed. We don’t talk.

“We made peace and he apologised,

AY Makun, on the other hand, has never confirmed his reconciliation with Basketmouth.

A concerned admirer recently inquired about their relationship.

“@aycomedian do you truly have issues with basket mouth?” wrote a fan named @chijiokeukaigwe in AY’s comment area.

AY responded by saying:

“I don’t have issues with him. But people having unnecessary issues with you are the price you sometimes pay for being progressive. he has been battling with his uncontrollable SUPERIORITY COMLEX for the longest. SO avoiding his incessant childishness only became necessary for my own sanity.”

Another fan asked;

In other words the both of you don’t talk

Ay laughed and replied;

We only talk to those who want to talk to us. DOes this make sense?


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