Australian man shares heartwarming experience with a Nigerian family


[the_ad id=”42277″] While Nigeria as a country may have quite a bad reputation out there, it appears there are still some people changing that negative perception one step at a time and this Australian researcher has taken to social media to bear witness.

Identified as Nigel Stobbs, the researcher at Queensland University of Technology, recently left many Nigerians and Africans proud when he took to the Twitter platform to recount how an African family has continued to bring him food a year after his wife died.



Australian man shares heartwarming experience with a Nigerian famil

He wrote: “Almost a year since my wife passed away. African family from my neighbourhood, I never knew before that day, still bring us a cooked meal once every week.

They live a very frugal life. Africans welcome here.They’re Nigerian.

They just knocked on the door one evening with food. Didn’t make a fuss. It was just so human and natural.

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No idea how they even knew. Africans I’ve met have all been very humble and generous people.
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