Amaechi Projected As Ideal Politician In School Children’s Book


Former Rivers Sate Governor, Mr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, has been projected as the true model of an ideal politician in a book titled: “Rotimi Amaechi and the 7 O’clock News”.   The 36-page book presented to the governor on his birthday on May 27, 2015, is a fictitious projection of the political beginning and successful career of the former governor.   The main idea of the book is to teach school children in Rivers State, and Nigeria at large, while not intending to drag them into politics, that it is not all about violence, not a do-or- die game, not about bloodshed, snatching of ballot box, but politics that finds solution to the common good of the citizens.   Author of the book, Brain Onu said the inspiration behind the book was based on the ex-governors love for the political future of Nigeria, his love for child education and his belief that by inculcating the principles of free and fair political aspiration, school children’s mindset would be corrected, so as to give politics a genuinely human face – as distinctly opposed to what it is today. He said: “If we can change the minds of the children, we would have changed the future. If we succeed in changing the future, we would have changed the nation; a nation where politics and government would have a positive and sustainable effect on human development. It was God’s earnest desire for me to write Rotimi Amaechi and the seven o’clock News.   The book is powered by Aso Wena, former Rivers State Liaison Officer in Lagos, who got involved in this project after seeing the relevance it plays in political reorientation of young school children towards a better political future for the country.   The summary of the book is a fictitious exposition of Rotimi Chibuike Amechi’s early life, political aspiration with curiosity over who politicians are and how politics should be practised in the interest of the masses. This got him into seeking for the full meaning from his father and later became his class monitor after learning that he could get supporters from his class through realistic promises of giving them sweets and chocolates. The book clearly defines the true qualities of good and bad politicians, while the former deliver on their campaign promises, the later concern themselves with amassing wealth and having no development to show during their tenure.   It would be recalled that Amaechi fought for change in this country, and as a model of socio-economic and political change, his projection is that change should not be temporary but a permanent thing. Therefore, his love for children spans to letting this book spread all over the country for the sake of saving the country’s political future.   While Amaechi was governor, Rivers State won the world book city award in 2014, a project supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

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