Alibaba Blast His Followers Calls Some Imbeciles!


AGAIN! lol Uncle Ali will not kill us. So after making his Aisha Buhari/Michelle Obama/Fayose post, some people came for him and called him a PDP stooge. An angry Ali Baba however came back to make another post (above) where he stated that he does not care about any party and ended up calling those who accused him IMBECILES… Chai uncle Ali o, LOL.
His words;
I apologize… Some people have corrected me that these pictures are photoshopped. And even gone a step ahead to abuse and say all kinds of nonsense on my page… Konteenuuu! Just in case you have not followed my posts, I no send APC and PDP… I say it as I see it. When I posted about the #BuhariNamedDog… Some idiots said I was an APC apologist seeking attention. Then I posted this and now I am a PDP stooge… Imbeciles!


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