Distance between Ado-Ekiti and Akure is supposed to be just 45mins on a steady and common sense trip but what people pass thru on the road now is a great problem. Your duration now depends on your skill to manage bad roads. From 1:20mins to 1.35mins.


The Ita-Ogbolu axis is simply a product of socially myopic people who were hasty in taking decisions over an issue. My interraction with them shows that they are regretting their actions. 38 bumps or speed breakers in a town where u should not spend more than 7mins.
An attempt to remove the breakers during Fmr Pres Goodluck’s campaign trip to the two states has turned the bumps to deep gullies. I am sure those who ply the road daily must have mechanic-friends for steady checks.

The portion that FERMA is supposed to care for in Ondo State axis is perpetually a death trap.
Now, get to Ikere-Ado axis which Gov Fayose dualized during his first coming, the driver must apply sense otherwise mechanic would have to meet u there eventually.

However, I realised that Gov Fayose has embarked on the process of dualising the road to Ikere town and probably to Iju boundary. I saw demolition process already being carried out as the bulldozers are busy widening the roads.
If this is achieved, that means Ado-Ekiti-Akure road could eventually become the kind of dual carriage way many have dreamt off.



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