Actor Olu Michaels Reveal He Will Never Get Married or Have Children

In Africa and many parts of the world, family is the bedrock of the society and a lot of importance is placed on marriage and how an individual must settle down after getting to a certain age.

For this reason, some people have ended up getting married due to pressure from family members while others just do not care and remain single for as long as they please.

That seems to be the case of Nigerian filmmaker and producer, Olu Michaels. The 43-year-old man recently revealed his lack of interest in marriage or having children in an interview with The Nation.

Michaels said that he is not married and does not intent to change that status. He explained that he is scared of marriage and that he used to want kids when he was younger, but not anymore because it would be hard to care for them.

He said: “I’m not married, and I don’t intend to. Truth be told, I’m scared of marriage and I don’t think I will ever get married. Though, I wanted to have kids when I was younger but not now, it is too late. Why I said it’s too late for having children is that I am a workaholic and I don’t like a situation where I would want to sleep and then a baby starts crying. My parents have been begging me to get married but no.”

Speaking on what he likes in a woman, Olu said: “I am a jealous man. For example, if I marry an actress and I see her kissing another actor on set, I will never tolerate such. Also, if I marry a beautiful woman, I might never concentrate on my work because I will be on the look to protect her.”

The actor then added that when he is lonely, he drives around in his Mercedes Benz.

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