9ice Ex Wife Reveals Why She Works Ten Times Harder



After splitting from 9ice some years ago, many industry observers wondered how Toni Payne would remain relevant as a socialite and big girl.

The mother of one, has revealed that she has since moved on and she has a more focused purpose than dwell on the past. She is now investing her time and energy on her son, Zion.

While spending time with her son at the beach, she took time to admire the steady growth of her son as he played at the sea side. She revelled in her motherly responsibilities.

She said, “Sometimes I just stare at him like, I remember when you were a baby. They grow so fast you have to cherish every moment . My love for him is unexplainable. The reason I work ten times harder is to see to it that he lacks nothing I can provide. The rest I leave to God to perfect.”

Still enjoying the moment with him, she expressed that her soft spot for will not make her deny him any extra favours.

“Only thing he won’t wear is native. I have to beg him to. I already know I’ll be the strict parent with a super weak spot for pouts and tears.”


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