8 Qualities Of Lazy And Frustrating Girlfriends


1. Dependent and poor management lifestyle

The ridiculous lifestyle of some ladies is so barbaric that one will wonder if they really want to become a mother. To relief their financial difficulties and insatiable needs, they mount financial pressure and always demand for money unnecessarily from their boyfriend, and you wii begin to wonder, “do these ladies ever think of saving?”

2. Negligence to career development and business concept

The notion that men are naturally born to bring food home, has made many ladies become LAZY. However, anything that as to do with career development and business concept is never in their plans. Rather, they are so concerned about their bosom, buttocks, their body and looks.

3. Money grubbing attitude

We all know that ladies are on the receiving end but some take it to the extreme that they have become a corporate beggar. Oh yes !!! It’s expected that a guy should spend on his girlfriend, but the lady in question should not enforce it. Ladies who posses these qualities are not worthy of wedding ring.

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4. Hatred for cooking

Some lady are so Behind to feel that those who undergo the stress of cooking are classless. As a result of this, you will always see them hovering at every fast food. Shawama, fried rice and chicken and other assorted meals, are what they like.

5. Excessive nagging to mere issues

Some ladies nag towards unnecessary and ridiculous things. Failure to renew their BIS renewal, they will nag; failure to send recharge card, they will nag, when you can’t satisfy them in bed, they will nag. These ones no be wife at all

6. Hobby of over sleeping

No one need to tell you that any lady who over sleeps doesn’t worth the stress to invest your energy on because they live a fantasy life. They cannot account for a job done in a day as they sleep from dawn to dusk snoring loud like a wild horse.

7. Severe dislike for house chores

When you see some ladies on the streets, they look good even than Beyounce, but follow them to their rooms and you would shake your head in disappointment. Dem no dey sweep for house, dem no dey wash plate. You will always see them looking at their mother doing house chores. It’s when some of them are anticipating male visitors that they will keep their rooms in order. Ladies of these natures no be wife at all.

8. Lying Helplessly during love making

The way some of them stiff their body during love making, you would begin to wonder if they are Deeper Life member. If you marry ladies of these nature, you would end up cheating outside marriage

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