8 meter fall: What happens when a suspension bridge collapses under your feet (VIDEO)

French tourists shot a whirling video while falling 8 meters into Lake Waikaremoana in New Zealand after a bridge collapsed under them.

The video of September incident posted on youtube shows the 65-meter-long Hopu Ruahine bridge flipping to the side when one of its two suspension cables snapped as a group of four tourists were crossing them. Three people fell down while the fourth one clung to the remaining cable.

“Arriving mid-walk we hear a muffled sound and before having the time to wonder what it is, I am projected into the emptiness, fatally accepting what will follow,” tourist Effie-Belle wrote.

“Once the shock of the water sinks in, I gently get to the surface, I note that nothing is broken and look around me, searching for everyone. I see Enzo on the surface – it’s a relief. Then I see Adrien a little further, astonished like all of us.”

The tourists did not get any injuries more serious than some scratches and bruising. Now two of them shared their dramatic experience with the French travel blog Rolandes Internationales. They also released first-person footage of the fall.

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