30 years after, Buhari rewards Golden Eaglets team that won maiden U-17 FIFA championship


Thirty years after emerging victorious in the FIFA U-17 tournament in China, the victorious Golden Eaglets team was on Thursday rewarded by President Muhammadu Buhari with a cash gift of N2 million to each player, while their coaches were given N1.5 million each.

The team won the trophy in 1985, when Mr. Buhari was military Head of State, and he reportedly promised to honour the team for its victory.

However his tenure was cut short by a military coup, thereby making it impossible for him to fulfill his promise.

On Thursday, the president thanked God for keeping him alive to fulfill his promise to the team.

Mr. Buhari, at a reception to honour the team and other victorious Nigerian athletes in recent competitions, said the reward given to them was not payment for their services to the country but a “token of appreciation”.

The U-17 team that won the world championship last year were also rewarded with N1.2 million each while the chief coach, Emmanuel Amuneke was given 900,000.00 and his assistants got 600,000.00 each.

The team secretary and medical team got 300,000.00 each, while other officials got N200,000.00 each.

Below are details of rewards given to the athletes

2015 World Wrestling Championship
Beneficiaries Amount
Wrestler (Bronze Medallists) N1,200,000.00
Coaches N6,000,000.00

FIBA 2015 Male Afro-Basketball Champion, D’Tigers
Beneficiaries Amount
Players (Gold Medallists) N600,000.00
Coaches N600,000.00
Team Officials N250,000.00

2015 FIBA Africa Under 16 Female Championships
Beneficiaries Amount
Players (Silver Medallists) N400,000.00
Coaches N400,000.00
Team Officials N150,000.00

2015 IPC Asian Open International Powerlifting Championship
Beneficiaries Amount
Gold Medallists N600,000.00
Silver Medallists N450,000.00
Coaches N450,000.00
Team Officials N250,000.00

World English Language Scrabble Champion
Beneficiaries Amount
Player (Gold Medallist) N1,500,000.00
Coach N1,200,000.00
Team secretary N450,000.00

WBC Silver Cruiser Weight Title
Beneficiary Amount
Winner (Title Holder) N1,500,000.00

2015 CAF Under 23 Cup Of Nations Champions
Beneficiaries Amount
Players (Gold Medallists) N500,000.00
Head Coach N500,000.00
Assistant Coaches N300,000.00
Other Team Officials N300,000.00

2015 FIFA Under 17 Male Football Champions
Beneficiaries Amount
Players (Gold Medallists) N1,200,000.00
Head Coach N900,000.00
Assistant Coaches N600,000.00
Team Secretary N300,000.00
Medical Team N300,000.00
Other Officials N200,000.00

1985 FIFA Under 17 Male Football Champions
Beneficiaries Amount
Players (Gold Medallists) N2,000,000.00
Coaches N1,500,000.00

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