3 Nigerian Men Bag 40yrs In Jail For Transporting Firearms And Drugs Into UK



Three Nigerian men who tried to transport firearms and drugs into Kent via Eurotunnel have been jailed for a total of four decades in the U.K

Border Force officers had, on August 12 2017, discovered two loaded guns, ammunition and a sound moderator in Coquelles, France.

The items were found in a car which was set to come over to Folkestone via the Eurotunnel. But before this journey could be made, the car was seized and 990 grams of high purity cocaine was also found from inside the car roof’s cavity.

Detectives found that the men had made several trips to Amsterdam, via Eurotunnel, during the months of July and August 2017. It is believed that at least three importations of prohibited firearms and drugs had taken place.

Two of the three convicts were arrested at the scene, with the third being arrested the following day. On Friday, May 17 the trio were sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court.

Kennedy Udo, 28, was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison. Michael Mgbedike, 22,, was sentenced to eight years, while Emmanuel Okubote, 27, was sentenced to 23.5 years.

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