2019 Election: T.Y Danjuma Alleges Plot To Rig Polls

A former Defence Minister Theophilus Danjuma has alleged that there are plans to rig the country’s forthcoming general election.

Danjuma said this on Tuesday during the commissioning of medical laboratories in Takum on Tuesday.

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According to him, “We are in [sic] the eve of an election and if you want another four years for our able governor, we must work for peace.

“Those who do not wish us well will want us to fight ourselves, then they will use soldiers and police to destabilize us and rig the election.

“It will be in our best interest to ensure there is peace. We should suffer all provocation because there are going to be plenty between now and the time of the election.

“They will provoke you to fight yourselves because they know they will lose if there is a peaceful election.

“I beg everyone of you to help maintain peace so we can have a peaceful election and that there are no surprises and will be no postponement.”

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He added that “The last time when Darius’s political party was the ruling party, he was made to have run off three times.

“This time they have perfected running off. Once you don’t win the first time, the second time, they will sit down and write the result and announce it in the runoff.

“They will award votes and this is the primitive democracy we now operate in this country.

“It is up to you to guard your votes, secure your votes and make sure that every one of your votes count and that is when you can have four plus four.”

He added, “you will be selling your birthright if you agree to their demand.”

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