2019 Election Results From Buhari’s Katsina State

The APC presidential candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari, has got the better of Atiku Abubakar of the PDP in six local government areas in his home state of Katsina.

Buhari and Atiku are the leading contenders for Nigeria’s highest office.

Professor Fatima Mukhtar, the INEC state collation officer, announced that Buhari defeated Atiku in Daura, his local government, Matazu, Ingawa, Kurfi, Sandamu and Rimi.

Here are the results as announced by the INEC official:

Daura LGA:
Registered voters:85,621
Accredited voters 43,818

APC: 37,648.
PDP: 4,650

Valid: 42,619.
Rejected: 992
Total vote cast: 43,611

Matazu LGA:
Registered voters: 64,407
Accredited 37,869

APC- 27,625
PDP- 9,151

Valid: 36,930
Rejected: 567

Ingawa LGA:
Registered voters: 80,139
Accredited: 39,571

APC- 29,230
PDP – 7,625

Valid: 37,336
Rejected: 1,825
Total vote cast: 39,161

Kurfi LGA:
Registered voters: 66,163
Accredited: 36,351

APC- 25,074
PDP- 9,175

Valid: 34,672
Rejected: 1040
Total vote cast: 35,900
Cancellation 3 units: 1088 over voting.

Sandamu LGA
Registered: 70,255
Accredited: 41,663

APC- 29,221
PDP- 9,025

Valid: 38428
Rejected: 601
Total vote cast:39,029

Rimi LGA
PDP- 8818

More results are still being expected from the President’s home state as collation is ongoing.

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