16-year-old girl who was rescued from marriage to old man spotted with her baby

Nigerian man who rescued a 16-year-old girl has shared new photos of the girl with her baby – The Nigerian man had revealed that the teenager had been rejected by her family after she got pregnant – It was alleged that she was only remembered when they heard a rich old man was looking for a young wife

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The 16-year-old who is now living her life free of a forced marriage has been spotted having fun with her baby. New photos of the girl, her child and the activist laughing together were shared on social media.

Harrison had shared the cute photos on Facebook with a little background story about the girl and how she was put in the position of marrying an elderly man.


He revealed that the young girl had been rejected and chased out of the house after she became pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby.

According to him, the girl was left to live on her own, until her family members heard about a rich old man looking for a young wife. They came for her and married her off to the young man.

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The activist, who revealed that the investigation on her story is finally done, noted that early marriage is a huge violation of human rights. He advised people to arm kids with education instead of marriage.

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