10 Reasons Why Long Courtship Should Be Avoided By Ladies


When a man shows interest in a lady and tells her that he would love to know her better,most times in his heart this is exactly what he is saying: “Hi lady, can i get to have a taste of your goody-bag and have the feel of your body to know if you are good enough in bed and decide if i should keep you for long or dump your ass in a jiffy because i don’t really care whether we end up together or not”.

I honestly don’t believe in dating and even as courtship sounds more reasonable,it is still not really necessary and i will try to list logical reasons why ladies should avoid this lie from the pits of hell called dating or courtship and i hope you learn a great deal from this.

1. A man usually knows if there is a huge possibility of marrying you or just want to use you to pass time the very first day he sets his eyes on you and a man who is really interested in a purposeful affair with you will give you the sign almost immediately with the body language except you refuse to be vigilant.

2. Many Men use dating and courtship as a means of exploring you S£xually and probably after he realizes that your bosoms are not as firm as he wants them to be or your S£x performance is below what he wants or after he has really used you to his satisfaction then he tells you it can’t work out because his mum does not want him to marry from your tribe or just brings up any lame excuse and decides to walk away to get another lady to “date”

3. An Angel can turn to a demon: Many people have argued that dating period is a period where you will know the type of person you have but this assertion is very funny because a good person can turn terrible and most times even if the person seems bad many ladies will still go on and marry him with the hope of changing him.

4.Dating and courtship is a disguised miniature marriage because in many cases when a guy starts dating or courting you,you will be doing some stuffs that wives do and i keep wondering why they still see the union as dating or courting when he is practically having all the benefits he should get from a wife hence the need to continue dating and courting and dating and.. until you suddenly realized you have spent your honey years married unofficially to a man who will probably dump you to marry another lady still in the name of dating.

5.A thousand years of courtship is no guaranty that you will know the man and until you two stay under the same roof as man and wife,you will never come closer to knowing who he really is so why waste your years dating and courting.

6.Most of the marriages of our parents are great examples as most of our parents hardly knew each other before getting married yet many of them had a lasting and loving union but these days despite the celebrated dating and courting culture,many marriages hit the rock.

8. I believe that for a man to ever propose an affair to you then he must have found you good enough to have to himself and for a decent lady to agree to an affair with a man then she is definitely ready to be with the man except she is a slut so why waste time fooling around with each other all in the name of getting to sleep with each other in the name of dating and courtship?

9. A S£xless date or courtship is the ideal form of courting where both of you try to know just a peripheral detail about yourselves hence once S£x comes in then its no longer dating but unofficial marital union.

10.The responsible and matured guys at heart knows the type of woman they want and do not get involved in baseless dating but simply go for the lady of their choice and marry her.

If you are not ready to marry a lady,don’t make advances towards her just to waste her years sampling her and if you are a lady,stop fooling yourself thinking you are dating him whereas you are just giving him your body to be used and probably dumped and understand that dating and courtship are just facade from the pits of hell aimed at destroying the lives of ladies by becoming single unmarried mothers,losing their lives through abortions and many have contracted deadly diseases all in the name of dating.

Lets face it,a year of S£xless courtship should be enough and one year is not too much to deprive yourself of S£x in order to know that guy better and if a man does not start the process of marrying you within a year then it means you are either dating a small boy for the sake of having S£x or you are probably with a man who is not sure he wants you.

I know that all the sermons in the world will not bring sanity to the facade of dating and courtship and if any lady sees this piece and shoves it aside,my advice to such is to continue to serve herself on the alter of S£xual ecstasy for as many guys as possible in the name of baseless dating or courtship.

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